High Quality Translations

Due to my doulbe qualification as chemist and translator, I offer scientifically accurate translations of patents, journal contributions, manuals, and so on with high quality from Japanese, English and French into German and English. Fields of translations are chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, pharmacy, medicine, solar energy, batteries, printing, textiles and many more. Among my clients are companies of the chemical industry, patent attorneys, translation agencys and the journal Angewandte Chemie.

Webinars/Seminars for Chemistry/Nanotechnology/Energy

Additionally, I offer talks and seminars/webinars with issues in the field of chemistry/nanotechnology/energy. . Some examples are:

  • Nanotechnology – Basics and Applications
  • Nanotechnology in medicine
  • Basics of Chemistry (Inorganic/Organic)
  • Chemical analysis (chromatography, IR, NMR, MS,…)
  • Energy storage (batteries, thermal storage devices, phase change materials,…)
  • Fuel cell technology (incl. hydrogen production and  storage)
  • Solar energy (solar cells, solar power plants, artificial leafs

All talks can be given in English or German. Upcoming Webinars/Seminars can be found under “News“.

Speech on the ATA Conference, Chicago, 2014

Giving a talk during the ATA Conference, Chicago, 2014