About me

Education and training

I aquired my diploma in chemistry at the University of Bonn in 1994, the topic of my diploma thesis being inorganic chemistry. Further topics were biochemistry, toxicology, electrochemistry and polymer chemistry. During my subsequent doctorate in chemistry (1999), I dealt with solid state chemistry with the minor subjects nuclear chemistry and physics. During my doctorate I worked as a scientific assistant in the field of teacher training.
Already during my studies and doctorate I began an additional study to become a translator for Japanese and French. In 1997 he received the Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Francaise. In 2001 I received my intermediate diploma in translation. In the same year, I started working as a freelance translator for Japanese, French and English.

Further training

Since the world is changing continuously, constant education is an obligation. I build up and enlarge my knowledge by attending conferences in the field of chemistry and conferences of associations such as AdÜ, BDÜ. DTT and ATA. My program also includes seminars, tutorials and webinars on tools and programs for Translators. You can find a small overview on the site Professional Training.


Since 2012 I have also been offering further training in the field of chemistry/nanotechnology/energy. The first lecture with the topic: “Everything Nano or What? How Dwarves Shape the Future” took place at the BDÜ Conference “Translating into the Future” in Berlin 2012. Further lectures were:
2013 aticom offers advanced training in Düsseldorf: Everything Nano or what? and “Batteries – independence from cables”.
2014 55th Annual Conference of the ATA in Chicago (Invited Speaker): “An Introduction into Nanomaterials” and “From Oil Economy to Hydrogen Economy: An Introduction into Fuel Cells”.

Porträtfoto Christiane Feldmann-Leben

Dr. rer. nat. Christiane Feldmann-Leben, Fachübersetzerin