Academia-Webinars in English

Finally: Academia-Webinars are also available in English now!

With the beginning of 2017 Academia Webinars have launched their new Program in English. One of the reknown speakers will be me. I will start with a 75 min tutorial on Fuel Cells. It is called: From “Oil Economy” to “Hydrogen Economy” – an Introduction into Fuel Cells

In spite of many prophecies, we still use fossil fules to drive our cars and coal or gas to produce energy. However, hydrogen has been considered as a substitute for oil ever since the NASA space program – and well before! Whereas fuel cells have reached a highly advanced stage and already find applications beyond the space flight, the means of producing and storing hydrogen are still under development. However, many automobile engineers consider fuel cells as a better substitute for fossil fuels than batteries. This webinar will give a thorough introduction into the basic principles and the different types of fuel cells. There are, for example, alkaline fuel cells which have made possible the NASA space programm. A newer development are polymer membrane fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells, all with their individual advantages and problems and application. There will also be a short discussion of the problems still to be solved. These include mainly the production of hydrogen gas and its storage.

The Webinar will take place on April 10, 2017 at 7.00 pm. You can book it on:

Other Webinars concerning Nanotechnology, Solar Cells and Energy Storage are to follow soon. Watch out for News on my Website.