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Materials Chemistry Conference in Birmingham

It has been time for the Material Chemistry (MC) Conference again, the 14th of this name. Birmingham’s Aston University hosted the event this July. Material Chemistry is a broad field. It spans from energy device materials to polymers, from biological applications to purely theoretical ones. Apart from plenary talks, there were four parallel sessions and […]

Materials Chemistry 2017 in Liverpool

Every second year, the advances of materials chemistry are discussed in a fantastic conference of the Royal Chemical Society (RSC). Material is a broad term, and most issues in modern life need materials, be it clothes, mobile phones, energy devices or medicine. No big surprise therefore, that so many researchers of so many fields come […]

Chemical Free Household Products

A. Goldberg, K. Roth and C. J. Chemjobber have taken a “Sisysphos work” on themselves and have compiled a comprehensive and exhaustive list of chemical-free household products. They studied cosmetic products, cleaning agents, herbal supplements and processed foods and beverages. The list is available here: http://junq.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/cf.pdf I thank the authors for their great work. This […]

Conferences 2016

For my scientific eduction, I will attend two conferences this year: the 2. International Conference on Polyol Mediated Synthesis in Hikone, Japan und the 18. Vortragstagung  der Fachgruppe Festkörperchemie und Materialforschung der GDCh The first conference has two advantages: I can polish up my (spoken) Japanese again and I will learn a lot about the […]

Funny Typos I

Now and again, it needs a good laugh during a tedious work. Here are two funny typos. RNA spicing  (For Non-Experts: you can splice RNA which consists of two strands into the single strands) secretary cell  (For Non-Experts: it should be secretory, a cell that secretes, e.g., hormones) You will find the latter one with […]