Conferences 2016

For my scientific eduction, I will attend two conferences this year: the 2. International Conference on Polyol Mediated Synthesis in Hikone, Japan und the 18. Vortragstagung  der Fachgruppe Festkörperchemie und Materialforschung der GDCh

The first conference has two advantages: I can polish up my (spoken) Japanese again and I will learn a lot about the latest development in the field of nanomaterials. The unique method of synthesizing such materials via polyols allows some control of properties and shape, and therefore provides interesting possibilities. Polyols are alcohols having several OH groups. Diethylene glycol, which has become sadly famous during the wine scandal, would be a simple example. Since this type of synthesis allows for the production of various materials for various purposes, I hope to get a nice insight into the issues that are currently explored.
The lecture meeting in Innsbruck has the motto: “Thick and thin: multi-faceted properties of layered materials”, which already states the focus of this meeting quite nicely. These layer materials could play a role in sensing and energy storage. Another kea issue are new materials for LEDs as well as for catalysis.