Kyoto certainly is one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting city in Japan. The number and density of interesting places and touristic highlights is high, and having a limited time budget, the decision what to visit is rather difficult. Personally, I find that less is more. Although it was quite helpful that this was my 2nd visit to the ancient capital of Japan. One highlight was the visit to the Daitoku-ji, a large temple complex in the north of the city. The site with numerous smaller and larger temples among the pines in itself is very nice and peaceful after the city’s buzz (especially towards the end of the opening time). Four temples (or eight, the information diverges somewhat) can be visited and we made two, both with very attractive Zen gardens. It’s really very relaxing to sit on the porch of a temple and feel the eaceful atmosphere of stones in a gravel sea. Especially since only few (or no) other visitors disturbed the peace.

Daitoku-ji in Kyoto

Also nice is a visit to the “Café du Mon” (yes, without de) opposite the main entrance. Here, delicious French and Japanese cakes are served that are brought to the table in a lovely decorated way.

Cafe du Mon in Kyoto