Further training

Further training in chemistry and tools are a “Must”. Here are some examples of Conferences for Chemists and Translators I attended :

  • 2016 Wordfast Forward Conference in Nice; ICPMS, Hikone, GDCh Symposium for Solid State and Materials Chemistry, Innsbruck
  • 2015 Materials Chemistry in York
  • 2014 55th Annual Conference der ATA, Chicago (mit Tutorial zu Wordfast Pro), 1st Internation Conference on Polyol Mediated Synthesis, Paris
  • 2013 Festsymposium 125 Jahre Angewandte Chemie, Berlin; Basics MS Office: Excel for Translators, Converting pdf files (BDÜ), Ulm
  • 2012 Effective Use of Word for Translators (BDÜ), Heidelberg, Nanotage Giessen (Symposium)
  • 2011 ADÜ-Nord-Tage in Hamburg: Kompass ausrichten
  • 2010 World Congress Chemistry, Karlsruhe; „Technical Writing“ (BDÜ), Stuttgart
  • 2009 Summer School Technology in Cologne(BDÜ)
  • 2008 GDCh Symposion in Bayreuth: Solids with storage functions, Wordfast Advanced User Course (Niveau 3) in Düsseldorf (Atikom),
  • 2005 European Conference on Solid State Chemistry in Sheffield
Cloud Gate in the Millenium Park Chicago

Cloud Gate, Chicago 2014